The Cigarette Quitting Secret


The Cigarette Quitting Secret: Research was the key to figuring out how smokers could quit naturally and remain non-smokers for the rest of their lives! – 14&Out inventor

I have thoroughly researched every cessation method available, from the patch to the gum, from electronic cigarettes to cold turkey. I’ve learned about the dangers of medications like Chantix and Zyban and the side effects that can accompany them. I’ve interviewed hundreds of smokers about why they can’t quit, including those who quit and went back to smoking later. I’ve studied all the reasons people smoke, how they got started, and why they can’t stop. The FDA and the CDC may have limits and recommendations, but how much are they really helping or regulating the commercial cigarette industry?

The success rates for smokers trying to quit are dismal. There are roughly 45 million smokers in the United States alone, and half of them want to quit. Only 5% will succeed without some form of help, the other 95% will return to smoking within 6 months. That is a cold hard fact. The scary commercials only help about 4% quit and that is a CDC statistic. The pills and the patch only help about 10% quit, if they’re lucky, and electronic cigarettes, better known as “e-cigs” help even less, because most people remain addicted to nicotine, which is still highly toxic to cleansing organs like the liver and pancreas.

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14AndOut is a natural way to escape smoking and what I call the “vicious cycle.” The more research articles I write for, where I am a contributing writer and have been for over three years, the more I am convinced that 14AndOut is the best program on the market for quitting cigarettes. No other program has the 3 main steps combined into one empowerment program, with no gimmicks, no drugs, no hypnosis, just practical knowledge, behavior modification, and nutrition. With over a 90% success rate, this program blows away the competition. No other book, video, or class has the three-tiered approach, which helps smokers quit and stay smoke free for life. If you have the will, I have the way.

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Four steps to Freedom!

1: Face Yourself: Deal with the facts of your habit straight on. No more lies and deception from Big Tobacco. Examine the 5 most lethal household chemicals put in cigarettes that create the “cigarette hangover” and “lock” you into the vicious cycle.

2: Behavioral Rituals: Address your current major patterns and rituals and replace them with productive ones so you can break out of the nicotine “orbit” and never miss the “habit” or crave nicotine again.

3: Learn why 14AndOut has a 95% Success Rate: 14AndOut has the best success rate of all programs available! Learn why other programs and prescription medications often fail, and how some can be even more dangerous than smoking.

4: Nutrition – the Inside Track: Stay on the inside track and running on all cylinders. This is how. Find out all the best super-foods, herbs and supplements your body needs to recover and thrive. Learn how to fortify your body and maintain balance from the highest regarded Nutritional Experts and Naturopathic Doctors in the world, and “follow the yellow brick road” of nutrition, so you can feel great every day of your life.

14 & Out – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!

Click here to see the free trailer and decide for yourself. No other “stop smoking” program on Earth is this comprehensive, well-researched and EASY to learn. It’s a sixty minute video you’ll never forget, because you’ll never be a smoker again!

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If you have the willpower, I can show you the way. No other course on the planet is as thorough. Be done with cigarettes and extend your life by ten to twenty years. – 14&Out inventor


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