Sleep cycles and Melatonin – Top 7 Reasons YOU need a good night’s rest!

Defy Aging with Melacinn's Fountain of Youth

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Do you have healthy sleep cycles? Do you know what regulates circadian rhythms? Do you know what is one of the most EFFECTIVE antioxidants in the body? Have you ever heard of redox cycling? You’re about to learn something very important. Keep reading. How would YOU like to protect your body against DNA mutations? Guess what DNA mutations are …. that’s right – cancer. You want some armor for that battle my friends? We’re talking about natural cancer remedy here.

You could have the most “coordinated defense” by taking quality melatonin nightly. You didn’t know? Many MDs don’t discuss this properly, if at all. You need a Naturopathic Physician to tell you. They understand nutrition and real remedy, not symptom cover-up medications. Good sleep cycles also regenerate healthy tissue. Think about that for a minute, then read these top seven reasons you need a good night’s rest…

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