Contributing Writer Jon Entine exposed for domestic violence/child abuse in shocking court documents

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John Entine is busted for wife/child abuse in court docs exposed by Natural News!

John Entine and the American Council on Science and Health have offered to ”help” Syngenta. An internal email disclosed in documents obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy, as part of a major lawsuit against Syngenta, shows that the ACSH received regular money and even asked for additional funding from “Syngenta friends“ to commission a book that would, in large part, be a defense of atrazine:

“As we made clear, ACSH is eager to commission a literature review on the general subject of pesticide exposure and human health. The paper would, of course, not be exclusively about atrazine, but the recent and ongoing ‘controversy’ would be a primary focus.”

ACSH said it was committing $100,000 to the project – funding that was “separate and distinct from general…

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